Hello Reader!

Welcome to my little slice of the interwebs! I’ve been toying with having a blog for a while. My friends have also been encouraging me. I still think, don’t nobody wanna hear what I got to say, but Facebook got me all in my feelin’s, so I decided to take the leap. Let’s see how it goes.

When I was little, I always wanted to be on shows like Eureka’s Castle, Sesame Street, and Zoobilee Zoo! After meeting John Tartaglia while he was doing Johnny and the Sprites, my inner child tugged at me saying, “Remember wanting to be on those shows?” The jaded adult was like, “Yup, but I think at this point, the theme may have shifted slightly!” Don’t get me wrong, I’ll admit I still watch Arthur. Matter of fact, I was like who are these people voicing these characters these days. Calm down girl, people grow up, voices change, things move on.

So, I’m grown now. But! I still love the idea. ‘Cretta’s Cove: where your darling Lacretta sits on a rock with a drank, soaking her toes in a pool of sea water gossiping with a few brilliantly colored sea creatures and guests stop by. It would be like Watch What Happens meets Fraggle Rock! But my guests would be like Ursula, the Kraken, maybe Scar cause Be Prepared is my jam!

Anyway, I may not have a show, but I can easily have a blog. So here we are. I’m excited and since I often max out Instagram  (just be typin’ not realizing the past 3 sentences aren’t there), I figured this would be a great platform for my musings. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the the lazy ride down my stream of consciousness!


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